Draft Concept Trails Alignment

The Creswick Trails Team has been working with land managers (Parks Victoria, DELWP, Central Highlands Water and Hancock Victoria Plantations) and stakeholders to come to draft concept trails alignment that everyone can agree to.  

We anticipate that a draft of the concept trail alignment map will be ready to release in in mid-November 2019. The draft will be posted on this website.  

To support the release of the draft concept trails alignment, we will be holding a series of consultation events to give the community the opportunity to provide feedback into the drat concept trails alignment map. The feedback, along with investigations from expert consultants in ecology, trail building and safety, will be used to revise the draft into a final trail alignment map. Engagement around the draft will include:

  • Posting of the map here on the Creswick Trails website

  • Announcement of the release of the draft on Facebook

  • An announcement of the release of the map on Council’s corporate website

  • A town hall style meeting to discuss the map

  • Open offer to discuss the map with the Project Manager to groups and individuals

  • Contact officer sited at the Creswick Hub for two weeks

  • Two weeks open forum for individuals and groups to provide feedback on the map.

Essentially, watch this space!