Hammon Park Masterplan

With Hammon Park identified as the location of the trailhead, an opportunity to re-imagine the space was opened up. As a former cricket oval and a long history of sporting activity, Hammon Park is going to benefit from being revitalised as the trailhead and activity centre of the Creswick Trails project and continue its tradition of being a great outdoor sporting asset for Creswick.

Working in conjunction with local designers and the Project Reference Group, a masterplan has been developed that will guide the future development of Hammon park. Initial stages of development will focus on the pump track and parking, but as further funding becomes available other features of the plan will be implemented. 

The Project OurSay page is here: https://oursay.org/creswicktrails

Check it out the masterplan here: https://oursay.org/creswicktrails/hammon-park-updates

General discussion page is here: https://oursay.org/creswicktrails/general-project-discussion


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