Help Build Something Great

The Creswick Trails project aims to transform Creswick into a world-class riding destination. The project team is committed to creating a great riding experience from the moment visitors enter town to when they leave. To achieve this the project needs support from local community groups and members


Project Reference Group

A Project Reference Group (PRG) comprises key stakeholders that assist the Project Delivery Team to successfully implement the project in such a way that the intended outcomes are realised. By providing opportunity for community groups and members to contribute to the project, workable long term relationships are formed between the community, Hepburn Shire Council and other landowners that is crucial for the long term success of the project.

The role of the project reference group

Stakeholder input is required for the Creswick Mountain Bike Mecca project to achieve its objectives. The PRG encourages discussion, debate and consideration of a wide variety of views and opinions from a local users perspective. The key function of the PRG is to work with the Project Delivery Team and provide them with valuable local knowledge that would otherwise be limited.

Essentially, the PRG will:

  • Provide input on all existing and future issues that affect the community related to the construction and ongoing management of the mountain bike park.
  • Help identify options for managing these issues.
  • Participate in workshop style sessions intended to brainstorm ideas to project challenges.
  • Provide input and advice on trails, both existing and planned.
  • Act as ambassadors of the project and help to promote the project in positive ways.
  • Contribute input and advice in a solution orientated way. 

VOGA Cycling Club

VOGA (Villages of the Old Goldfields Association) Cycle Club is an incorporated body made up of a passionate group of cycle enthusiasts based in and around Creswick, Victoria. 

We ride road, gravel and dirt, on all kinds of bikes. We don’t discriminate. If you want to ride your CX bike down some rocky Goldfields singletrack or pedal your fatbike up the Midland Highway then we will encourage you.

We are here to promote cycling in the Hepburn Shire and advocate for safe cycling networks throughout the region. Our current focus is with getting juniors onto bikes and encouraging novice riders of any age to come and have a go. To that end we host a Junior Cycle Series and The Brackenbury Mountainbike Challenge. Our other baby is the so-called Creswick Trails Mecca, a proposed 100km professionally built trail network in the forested area surrounding the township. 

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Project Ambassadors

The Creswick Trails Project is a major development for the area and has the potential to transform the town. Like any project, there will be folks who are against the project or don't quite understand the drivers or benefits it could bring. With that in mind; the project team welcomes anyone who would consider themselves an ambassador and encourage folks to speak positively about the project both in person and online. 

If you would like to support the project but don't have the time to commit to the PRG or other activities related to VOGA cycling, then why not just be an ambassador.